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BioLux’s master skin care professionals are licensed from the best medical institutions in North America & Europe. These professionals have years of experience in non-invasive cosmetic procedures & the most advanced laser skin care treatments.

Dr. Erick Khairalla

Dr. Eric Khairalla is a leading plastic and cosmetic surgeon in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for over 10 years. He is certified by both the American and the Canadian Boards of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Khairalla is one of few physicians in the nation who is certified in both medicine and surgery. He is committed to excellence in plastic surgery and takes great pride in his consistent results, personal care, and attention to detail. Dr. Khairalla is multilingual (English, French and Arabic).

Svetlana Ouchakova

Svetlana followed her passion for beauty and well-being and opened BioLux in 2011. Her vision is to create a place that helps modern-day, busy women feel healthy and beautiful. Devoted to practicing her craft, Svetlana fosters a continuous education atmosphere, attending with her staff training seminars to stay on top of latest domestic and international developments in skin care. Elegant and enthusiastic, she brings years of experience in skin care to McLean.

Lena VerbaBioLux-113-small

Lena is an experienced office manager, she has overwhelming commitment to the customer. BioLux offers a variety of different products and services, that is why Lena takes time to talk to the customer to schedule a consultation and/or a proper treatment.  Lena’s goal is to make sure the client feels comfortable the moment she/he enters our Spa, looks forward to coming back and best of all, recommends us to their friends. Lena is here and ready to answers all your questions.  Very happy to be part of a very knowledgeable and professional skin care team that will keep our community healthy and beautiful for many years to come.