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DermaFrac (Microneedling) 1 hr

Regular price $210
Forever Young Club members $ 168

DermaFrac (Microneedling) is the latest advancement in the micro-channeling approach and an Alternative to Fractional laser. This procedure is a must-try for the beauty-lover with an active and busy lifestyle. Unlike other methods of rejuvenation, the DermaFrac (Microneedling) takes infusion therapy to a whole new level by using high grade active ingredients including Anti-Aging Peptides, Skin Lighteners, Hyaluronic Moisturizers and Acne treatment. Skin will be smoother, more radiant, with more refined texture/Tone, smaller pores, finer lines/wrinkles and even scars will appear diminished. The procedure is pain free and requires no downtime.

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