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Biolux Skin Care Medi Spa specializes in aesthetic treatments of the highest quality, including services provided by experts in laser cosmetology.

One such treatment is laser hair removal in Mclean, VA.

Laser hair removal is a service offered to au fait men and women who are striving for youth, beauty, and perfection of body and soul, but are also busy with everyday challenges and thus have limited time or energy to dedicate to their pursuit of self-perfection.

It is well known that the struggle against unfortunate and undesirable body vegetation is a matter of anxiety and special concerns for modern women, and some men. And, despite the fact that today’s beauty industry offers a number of effective ways of attaining a smooth and clean skin, the laser hair removal is certainly one of the most effective methods among all other hair-reducing treatments.

If you want to try the laser hair removal procedure for the first time, and are not sure of the results or effects, it is best to begin with the “laser epilation of the armpits” procedure.

The laser hair removal in this area takes minimal time (the procedure lasts about 15 minutes), it has the minimal costs, and produces the utmost tangible effect. And also the laser hair removal actively and successfully combats the ingrown hair, which is not possible to easily remove by other means. After just 2-3 procedures, the effect of removing ingrown hairs is evident.

Biolux Skin Care Medi Spa specialists in laser hair removal Mclean and servicing greater DC areas will pleasantly surprise you with their competence and ability to administer the laser hair reduction with minimal discomfort, and you will get the ultimate satisfaction from the ensuing results of attaining a silky-smooth and untainted skin.

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