BioLux Skin Care Clinic and MediSpa

Denis Petrov About BioLux

BioLux-195-smallSvetlana Ouchakova, a skin care therapist, licensed esthetician, and medical spa owner, talks about the BioLux beauty and skin care spa in McLean, VA. Since 2011 we have been offering the advanced beauty and skin care services at BioLux Skin Care, and we have recently opened up a new location at 6823 A Tennyson Drive, McLean, VA 22101. We are offering all different types of facials (Deep Pore Cleaning Facial, Microdermabrasion, DermaFrac Microneedling Serum Infusion, Organic facial, SilkPeel Dermalinfusion, Chemical Peels, Customized Bridal Skin Care) plus many laser-based skin care treatments as well as Botox, Fillers and other services. You can get detailed information about our services at our webpage at

What audience do you seek to serve?

Five years ago, when we had just opened our first skin care treatment office in Potomac, Maryland, we needed to start generating profit within a relatively short time window, so we catered primarily to the high-income clients. Thanks to the latest advances in cosmetology-related science, products, and technology, we saw an opportunity to realize our long-lasting dream of making the modern beauty and skin care services accessible to a much broader group of women. This goal is also facilitated by our modest pricing policy and opportunities to get treatment discounts and package promotions. We consider beauty and health a unique gift from nature that we receive at birth but that also requires our efforts and care to maintain and enhance. Our clients include not only women, but also men.”

Why McLean, VA?

Convenience to our clients was one of the main criteria when choosing the location for this new office. For example, people who visit the Tyson Mall which is right next to McLean, VA have the opportunity to stop by at our spa on their way back home. We created our unique beauty and skin care corner, aspirating to unite in one piece the aesthetic and tranquil design with the professionalism of our master estheticians, to offer the opportunity for each woman to look and feel beautiful. Together with a convenient free parking, all of this is available in less than 5-minute driving distance from the Tyson Mall.

Who treats the clients of the BioLux Skin Care medispa?

In a beauty industry, any spa or salon is only as good as the people whose hands provide care and create the beauty and health treatments for the clients. Working hard for many years in the best skin care spas in DC area helped me assemble a team of exceptionally-skilled enthusiasts, committed to their craft and deeply knowledgeable of the modern methods and products for creating and preserving beauty. For each of us, we love the work that we do here. It was important for me to find people capable of not only providing professional care to the clients, but also reenergizing them with positive emotions — so that our clients could receive not only the effective high-quality care and esthetic pleasure from the treatment, but also a positive charge of energy. We provide our clients with the opportunity to connect beauty, health, and pleasure into an organic constituent of their lifestyles.

How do you attract your clients?

Of course, first of all we are looking to attract our clients with the quality and effectiveness of our services and the high level of care. From the first day on, our spa is paying key attention to the use of the latest technologies in skin and body care. Absolutely all our services we first test on ourselves. We will never allow ourselves to offer treatments of whose effectiveness we are not certain. For each spa client, we maintain their individual treatment card where we record all the rendered services and results, as well as unique individual aspects and preferences of the client. We offer accumulative discount programs, loyalty-based savings, and special pricing for various holidays and special occasions. We maintain extreme care and attention both to the quality of our treatments and to the individual needs of our clients so that our clients have the incentive to keep coming back to us again and again.